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United States
Science Daily   News in Science, Health, Technology & Environment
Science News   Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public
Science Mag   Up to the minute news and features from Science
Science Direct   Scientific, technical, and medical full text research.
Popular Science   Gadgets, Cars, Science, DIY, Technology
Science Channel   TV Shows, TV Schedules, Video, Quizzes
National Geographic  Animals, Environment, Adventures, Travel
Scientific American   Science News, Articles, and Information
Discovery   Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News ...
AAAS   The World's Largest General Scientific Society
How Stuff Works   Health, Science, Tech, Auto
Astronomy Magazine  Star Charts, Planets, Meteors, Comets
Live Science   Scientific News, Articles and Current Events
Science Blogs   Life Science, Physical Science, Environment
Science Friday   Biology, Nature, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy
ScienceDump   Documentaries, Infographics, Science-Art ...
Mysterious Universe  The latest news from beyond the mainstream
Smithsonian   Human Behavior, Mind & Body, Wildlife, Our Planet
Phys   News and Articles on Science and Technology
New Scientist   Science news and science articles.